De Lorenzo Quick Sand


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Inspired by the loose shifting grains of sultry sand, its power is deceptive, capturing all in its path. Once trapped, Quicksand absorbs excess oil, provides texture with medium hold and instant staying power. Escape from limp hair that is dragging you down with this powder amplifier.

Quicksand is particularly ideal for thickening and providing instant volume to fine and/or thinning hair with just enough hold.

To Use: When using for the first time, pierce holes through the white marker dots. You can pierce as many holes as you like depending on how much powder you would like to flow out of the bottle. We recommend to begin with 2 holes and pierce more if required.
Shake and sprinkle the powder onto fingers or directly onto root area of dry hair.
Work through with fingers while lifting and designing style for added volume.
Can also be applied onto mid-lengths and ends of dry hair and scrunched to achieve a textured matt finish.



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