Manic Panic Colour


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Introducing New Yorkers, Tish and Snooky’s High Voltage Semi Permanent hair colour. Conditions as well as colours. Fades gradually with each shampoo. Tested on celebrities, NOT ANIMALS! 100% Vegan. For best results apply to hair lightened to a level 10. Will add highlights to natural or darker hair.

For a bright and bold result bleaching your hair first is a must!

Atomic Turquoise, Blue Steel, Cleo Rose, Cotton Candy Pink, Electric Amethyst, Electric Lava, Electric Tiger Lily, Enchanted Forest, Fuchsia Shock, Green Envy, Infra Red, Lie Locks, Mystic Heather, New Rose, Pillarbox Red, Purple Haze, Raven, Passion, Rockabilly Blue, Rock n’ Roll Red, Ultra Violet, Wildfire.
BLEACH HAIR: Bleach hair. Rinse and shampoo (with a shampoo containing no added conditioners or moisturisers) in warm water. Fully dry hair.

STRAND TEST: Apply dye to a small lock of hair to ensure you are happy with results before attempting to dye a large area.

PROTECT: Wear protective plastic or rubber gloves for application. Use petroleum jelly or baby oil around hair line and on ears to prevent colour from staining skin.


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AtomiC, BlueSteel, CleoRose, DeepPurpleDream, ElectricAmethyst, ElectricLava, FuchsiaShock, GreenEnvy, Inferno, LieLocks, MysticHeather, PlumPassion, Raven, RedPassion, Rockn\'RollRed, RockabillyBlue, Sirens Song, VenusEnvy, VioletNight, VoodooBlue, Wildfire


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